What We Do

If you need to sell your property fast please contact us today at 1 800-771-0135

We will not only purchase your property as is, but we will make you a fair, all cash offer and close in as little as three weeks, or around YOUR timeframe. We GUARANTEE that there are no fees in working with us.

See how our process works and you will see that we try to make it as simple as possible so you do not have added stress when you are selling your home or a property that you inherited. We have the ability to make you a FAIR OFFER today and can pay top dollar and all cash for your property.

We know that many investors make claims, but we buy properties in any condition…

…let us explain what that means. It means, you can leave as much or as little behind as you wish. If you are moving to another state or next door, making your house “broom clean” is a burden that you do not have to endure in working with us. Let us instead, take over the burden of cleaning out your unwanted things when selling your property.

Many situations where we can help. These include avoiding foreclosure, late on payments, liens or upside down on your mortgage, previously divorcedrelocating or owning a property out of stateinherited an unwanted property from a loved one, own a vacant house, downsized and can’t sell your house, house was previously listed and does not sell, needs repairs you can’t or do not want to pay for, fire damaged, extensive mold or other health hazards, want to sell a rental property and so much more.

We buy all type of properties and help homeowners at the same time. We know it is a win-win situation in working with you. We buy your property from you and you will receive an all cash offer when you are read to sell. So if you have a property to sell, contact us today. We are happy to talk about your options.

We buy Properties throughout the United States and if you are looking to sell your house fast, we will offer you an all cash offer! 

How we add value: 

You do not need to sell your house through a realtor

Realtors have certain advantages, but if you need to sell your home fast or you do want an effortless sale, than using a realtor may not be a good option for you. Here are the advantages we bring that you can not get when listing through an agent

  1. You do not have to spend time to find the right agent who can sell your home
  2. You do NOT need to fix up your home in order to sell
  3. You will NOT have people walking through your house at any time of the day to see/judge your home
  4. You will not need to clean, stage or make any changes to your property
  5. You will be able to close and get your cash in three weeks and not have to wait 45-60 days in hopes the buyer gets financing
  6. You will NOT have to pay a 6% realtor fee
  7. You will NOT have the stress of your home not selling after months on the market
  8. You are guaranteed a buyer (US!!)

There are some big issues with trying to sell your home with a real estate agent or selling it yourself. This is often TIME. The time it takes you to fix up your house in order to sell. The time you have to wait for a buyer to come. The time you have to wait for a buyer to get a mortgage.

Ask yourself, what is the value of your time!

At Plumeria Properties, we work differently than the traditional route of trying to sell your home. If you want to sell your house fast and looking for an all cash offer than call us today! We try to take away the added stress and give you SOLUTIONS to your problems. Our process is simple

“We are committed to helping people with their real estate needs and making successful deals happen.“

Contact us today 1 800-771-0135 or email us at info@Plumeriaproperties.com and we will get back to your within 24hrs.
Once we get some initial information on your property, we will schedule a time to see the property, meet you and from there we will present you with an offer.

It is that simple!

Our goal at Plumeria Properties is to help you with your home selling process. At Plumeria Properties LLC, our team is highly motivated, knowledgeable, ethical and resourceful. Qualified to handle any real estate transaction, our dedicated staff is committed to helping people with their real estate needs and making successful deals happen. Our team of professionals has the integrity to follow up on our promises, and the expertise to navigate any transaction to ensure you’re fully informed for making the best decision possible.

Sell Your House Now – Please Submit Your Property Info or email us at info@Plumeriaproperties.com

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We have helped many property owners just like you, in all different situations.  If you think we can help you in any way or you just want to explore your options, you have nothing to loose than to call us!