Short Sale

Are you financially underwater?

Do you Owe more than your mortgage?

Do you want to save your credit?

Do not loose your house to foreclosure! Let us help you with a short sale!

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is simply a sale in which a mortgage holder agrees to accept less than what is owed on the existing mortgage.

  • Example, let’s say you owe $500,000 on you mortgage
  • The value of the house is $400,000.
  • There is negative $100,000 in equity and you do not know what to do. 

Call us at Plumeria Properties 1 800-771-0135 and we will negotiate with the bank to get you out of this situation.

Let us, the professional, take care of the logistics and paper work for you! Plumeria Properties has experienced Short Sale specialists on our team to help you in these types of situations. By working with us, you will find that the process is easy on your end and once we have a quick chat 1 800-771-0135 you will better understand your options!

Do not loose your house to foreclosure! Call us to better understand the short sale process!

Why would a bank take less money you ask?

If the lender has to take a home back and foreclose, it becomes a non-performing loan on their books. By accepting a short sale offer, the lender is able to avoid a lengthy and costly foreclosure process with a seller of a home that cannot cover the difference.

A few ways that a short sale can benefit you, the homeowner, might be:

  • End the harassing collection calls
  • Relieve the uncertainty and rest easy
  • Avoid having a foreclosure on your record
  • Save your credit score
  • Comfort for the family and return back to normal

The bottom line

If you are at your wits end and do not know how to get out of your financial situation, let us help you! We can help you negotiate with the bank to help you save your credit!

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